mom + baby essentials


one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten.

these are some things i have received and some things i am going to buy for baby and me. searching for baby products, clothes and accessories is so fun. i am also a blog junkie which has led me to a lot of the products on here. {1} the stroller is something brian actually found. it has really great ratings and we both love the look. it’s a jogging stroller, very comparable to the BOB. {2} the baby sling is something i am so excited to try out. you can watch this video on how to put a newborn in there…and it’s adorable! the little baby has the cutest little baby grunts. i found out about this sling from one of my favorite bloggers. {3} the puj not only comes in the greatest color but it looks so functional and doesn’t take up a bunch of space. i also heard about this from one of my other favorite bloggers. {4} i feel like everyone with a kid has the squeaky adorable toy, sofie the giraffe. i love that sofie almost looks like a vintage toy too! {5} the aveeno baby bath products smell so good and i can’t wait to rub baby’s little footsies with some lotion. babies have the sweetest smell, i think i will smell that little guy all the time. {6} ok, these moccasins are more like “if i were a rich girl” baby essential…but i do see them on all the coolest little dudes in hollywood, and how cool is that cobalt blue color! {7} i have two adorable bow ties for our little guy that i can’t wait to dress him in. who doesn’t love a man in a bow tie? {8} these woombies are just the cutest things ever! it’s like a little cocoon for the baby when they sleep. {9} these swaddlers are sooo soft! i hear they are a must have for babies. target has them too! {10} this is an essential for post preggo mamma! the belly bandit is suppose to help your uterus contract back down to it’s normal size. i have heard they work pretty well, and they also offer some support for your back while breast feeding. i think will wear this sucker all the time, and hopefully it will help me feel less jiggly.

do any of you out there have any baby/mamma essentials that you couldn’t live without? share them with me!


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