avoiding the mom cut

avoiding-the-mom-cut_1 avoiding-the-mom-cut_2



romantic bun | side pony | simple braid | chestnut bun | high bun & headband | boho braid

so i know when you have a baby you become a mom…but does that mean you have to get the inevitable ‘mom cut’? i have long hair, so i need to make sure that i keep those sticky little grabby baby hands out of it. i am not saying short hair means your a mom, because i LOVE short hair. i have had short hair for a big chunk of my life, but i feel like women who have long hair do the “don’t have any time for me anymore, so i must get rid of all inconveniences” hair cut. so what does that make me do…? get on pinterest and remind myself of how many pretty things i can do with long hair while still getting it up and out of my face. does this mean i am capable of doing 80% of these hairstyles? no…but a girl can dream and pinterest is the ideal dream machine. i hear from moms how important it is to still shower (well obviously for sanitary reasons…) and get dressed when you have a newborn. i think it makes you feel a little more human and less like a milking/burping/poop picker-upper machine. so i will hold onto my hair for as long as i can take it…and i know my hair stylist will love to hear this too 🙂


2 thoughts on “avoiding the mom cut

  1. Tasha says:

    I think I love your long hair more than you do!

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