week by week: 31 weeks


31 weeks pregnant is very similar to 30 weeks. the good things are: i am sleeping like a log, i am still able to work out, i can manage to still get things done around the house and although i do feel pretty big, i don’t feel like a gigantic beached whale yet. the bad things are: walking is becoming almost more uncomfortable than any excursive i have been doing and i want to eat like all the time. we ran some errands yesterday afternoon and i was sore after 45 mins walking around in nebraska furniture mart. it feels like there is a clamp on my pelvic bone and it makes it so i can’t walk very fast (little waddling preggo over here). i can kick and do granny jumping jacks during kickboxing, but walking…man that’s brutal haha.  i have to sometimes remind myself that i am pregnant and i have a baby inside me…growing and growing.


we did lots of baby talking this weekend also. brian just got done reading a book our doula kelly recommended called ‘The Birth Partner‘. He really enjoyed it and said he learned a lot! I am reading ‘Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth‘ which is informative and such a good read. We shared with each other all the things we have learned over dinner; the people siting around us at the restaurant were probably not expecting to hear about uterus’s during dinner…but oh well 🙂 Every little thing we did this weekend we would say, “oh soon we will have a little baby sitting there” or “our little guy is going to be cooing crying in the back seat soon”. i want to soak-up these last few weeks sans baby though. enjoy being a little selfish, enjoy time with brian, enjoy how we can just pick up and run errands, go to dinner or movie and sleep in…ahhh…sleep.


my belly is getting quite a bit bigger each week. i am pretty much only wearing stretch pants these days because they are just so darn comfy. i wonder if this guy is bigger than he should be at this point? my belly is so big right now, that i can’t imagine another 9 weeks of it growing. i have heard that those last 4 weeks are pretty major in the belly growth…which makes me worry that i will just be gigantic! at the end of this pregnancy i want to put together a little slideshow of all the belly pics i have taken each week. i think it will be crazy to see it all together.

ps. last week i had more pics of my belly and don’t know why they didn’t get posted…but if you want to look back, they are up now! 30 weeks post


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