DIY knee patch leggings


i have been seeing some of the cutest baby leggings online lately. i see everything from knee patches and fun fabrics, to painted and stenciled leggings. i wanted to try something myself so i went to target and got some cheap baby leggings. i washed and dried them first so that there wouldn’t be any shrinkage after the patch was added. then i decided on a shape to make the patch. i chose an apple…don’t know why, but that is what came to me. i have seen simple ovals and hearts which are totally cute too. i cut my shapes out of felt i bought at the craft store. you could use any fabric for this part. the reason i chose felt was because it’s pretty easy to work with and won’t slip and slide around while i am trying to stich it on. once they were cut out i placed the apple patches where i wanted them to go. i chose to do knee patches, but you could place your patch anywhere. i am thinking i want to do a pair of leggings with something on the butt. who doesn’t love a baby butt? anyways…then i chose a bright color of embroidery thread to stitch the patch on. you can see my stitches aren’t perfect, but that’s ok. i worked my way around the apple, then added the leaf. i went all the way around the apple and the leaf and finished it off with a knot (on the inside of the pants). then i went back and stitched up the part of the leaf that overlaps the apple. i did the same thing on the other side and that’s it!

if you don’t feel comfortable with stitching a patch on, you could always use fabric glue. i personally like the way the stitching looks though. this whole diy project only took me about an hour. it’s simple and adds a personal touch to your little one’s clothes. i got size 6 month leggings, so it will be a bit before he can scoot around and wear those patches out, but i am excited for it!

10 thoughts on “DIY knee patch leggings

  1. Taura Horn says:

    cute!!!!! for a moment, i wondered if these were for you:)

  2. Mary says:

    Amalia I love it that you know how to do these crafty things. Many girls your age wouldn’t know how to thread a needle! from an old 4H er 🙂

  3. kathy bingham says:

    You are so clever. Be ready for Kate to copy some of your cute ideas. That is with her mothers help. Not long now. Hope your classes are going well. It’s such an exciting time in your life and Brians. Hang in there only a few more good nights of rest!!!!!

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