before our babies become ‘just cats’



before we have our real baby boy, i want to get in as much snuggle time as possible with our sweet cat “babies”. i hear when you have a baby, your pets are kind of left behind for a while. ramsay and tula (brother and sister cats) have been our babies for the past 5 years. they run the house and we pretty much spoil the crap out of them. the entertain us all the time and they are the best snugglers ever. i don’t want them to get brushed to the side once the baby comes, but i know instead of a little kitty on our laps we will be cooing over a little baby. so, for now, we will spend some quality time  spoiling them and let them know that they won’t be replaced. have a happy weekend and go give your pet a big kiss.


2 thoughts on “before our babies become ‘just cats’

  1. Taura Horn says:

    I accidentally spoiled our kitties with half dozen dairy free gluten free chocolate cupcakes I left cooling on the counter that I made for Brodie today! Grrr. But they’re all like, Prrrr…

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