week by week: 32 weeks


32 weeks pretty much feels the same as the past two weeks. i am sleeping really well…although last week was a full moon…and my mom swears that she doesn’t sleep well during a full moon and that was the only night that i had issues. weird. he is still moving around like crazy and seems to be awake quite a bit more. i can feel his little heel move across my belly and i can touch and push on it. he doesn’t really play back with me though.


we have our first childbirth class this tuesday and i am really excited. we decided to forego the hospital class and are going to a 6 week class that our doula recommended. i am pretty anxious to see all the other expecting parents and share some stories. i know another girl who attended this class when she was pregnant and she said it was a lot of fun.


i worked on the nursery this weekend and put up some really cute floating book shelves. it makes the room feel more like a kids room with all the books displayed. i can’t wait to read to this little. then when he gets a bit older he can go pick out his own book that he wants to read. i have got a lot of new books for the baby but also have some classics books from when i was a child. books can really bring back some memories can’t they? they can give you a warm fuzzy feeling just holding them in your hands and remembering the way your imagination went wild reading them as a kid. as a child my favorite books were the ones with pretty illustrations…go figure i would be a graphic designer when i grew up 🙂 i was never much of a reader, i was way more visual. i am interested to see what our little guy excels in. brian was an english major, so maybe our little guy will love to read (not look at pretty pictures like mom…). i am getting pretty anxious to meet our little guy, but really want to make sure he has plenty of time to get nice and fat, and fully developed.

2 thoughts on “week by week: 32 weeks

  1. Linda Walker says:

    I really like it…great way to journal. 🙂

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