week by week: 33 weeks


this week i had a little cold, that wasn’t very much fun. it felt like every day i thought i was getting better, but by mid-day i was feeling lousy again. i am also not one that likes to just lounge around all hours of the day, or be waited on….i know  who doesn’t like to be waited on? but this cold kind of put me out this week. i am finally feeling much better, thank god. i think i felt you having a case of the hiccups. it was pretty cute, a repetitive series of little bumps in my belly. sleep has been pretty good as well, minus breathing out of my mouth because i am stuffed up. i am not sure if it was the cold, or just this stage in pregnancy, but i am really started to feel less mobile and a little more frumpy. it’s like i am carrying a giant weight on my body (which i am…) and after a small amount of activity i find myself out of breath and really achy. i feel like i shouldn’t be complaining about this stuff until 36 weeks…but whatever.


we had our first birthing class last week and it was really fun. the instructor was funny, and made all of us feel really comfortable. it is held at a chiropractic office and there are only four couples in the class, so it’s nice and personal. we focused on the initial fears people have of childbirth and pregnancy. we also did some labor poses. the partners/husbands were in charge of keeping track of the time and making sure we switched every 30 minutes. at one point brian whispers to me “it’s been 30 mins.” and i shushed him haha because the instructor didn’t tell us to change. poor guy, he was just trying to be the class super star! brian also learned some things that “may” happen during labor that also surprised him a bit. i don’t know how i managed to skip over those details…anyways, it was a lot of fun.



yesterday i was thinking about all the great things that we get to watch our son do in the first year. things that i have not thought about because i was so focused on the pregnancy, labor and first few months. how fun is it going to be to see our son clap for the first time, smile, or roll over. then the really fun stuff like his first word, his first bite of real food and his first steps are something that i know will make brian and i think we have the most amazing son ever. he will be “gifted” to brian and i, not to mention the grandmas and grandpas, just so smart and so advanced. doesn’t every parent think their kid is the best! well because they should be!


2 thoughts on “week by week: 33 weeks

  1. You look so beautiful. Hope you are feeling better. Its almost getting to countdown time now. Can not believe time has gone by so quickly and you are a superstar pregnant lady making it look so glam . beautiful and easy

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