the nursery: antlers + art


this past weekend i finished hanging some art in the nursery. the adorable cat illustration was given to us from some of our good friends, who knows how much we love cats…and of course so will the baby 🙂 the amazing feather print by this talented artist was given to us by another dear friend ! i have been kind of obsessed with antlers lately and had purchased a set of three from etsy a while back. i painted one antler to display in our living room, and wanted to use the remaining two in the baby’s room. they aren’t actual matches (like they didn’t come from the same poor little deer’s head…) but i didn’t really care. i really loved the wrapped yarn antlers that i have been seeing and decided to give it a try. i just glued the two antlers together after they were wrapped and then mounted them directly to the wall. the wooden cube piece was something i picked up at the goodwill long long ago and have been searching for a place to put it. i need to find some more little knick-knacks to put in it, but i think it’s pretty neat. i just wonder how long it will take for some little boy to reach and try to snatch all that stuff off the wall? oh and did you notice the blanket hanging over the crib? i just got that in the mail from one of my besties! i found it on ferm living i think it goes great in the room. i still need the bedding (the polka-dot thing is just a blanket), a changing pad and cover and then i want to redue an old toy chest…then i think i am about done…but you never know what my mind will conjure up next.


5 thoughts on “the nursery: antlers + art

  1. Beautiful nursery!! Chic and modern – so well done!!

  2. kathy bingham says:

    I think that blanket was from Kate and I. So glad you like it. Your room is so unique and such a statement of your artistry and CREATIVITY. I don’t think this little boy has any hope of not being creative with you guys as parents. That’s a good thing!!!!! Love, Kathy Prayers for an easy delivery.

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