week by week: 34 weeks


34 weeks, can you believe it? this little boy is going to be here soon and change our lives forever. not too much has changed since last week. i am still sleeping really really well. i guess i have never really had a problem with sleep. i just love it dearly, and will be very sad when i don’t get it anymore haha. so i will cherish these last weeks of blissful sleep. when i do wake up in the middle of the night to pee i always think about our baby. he is the first thing that pops into my head (well i guess second after damn, i have to get up and pee). i think about how i will be waking up with him, having our little bonding moments in the wee hours of the morning while everyone is asleep. it’s all worth it, the no sleep. i think all you can do is stay positive about the newborn phase. you won’t get it back, and soon they will be big boys that don’t need the constant caring and feeding from their mommy. i know so many people that feel like the newborn/no sleep phase will last forever, and then when their little one starts to sleep through the night, they have the realization that time flies and their little baby is growing up. so even though i will have moments where i want to pull my hair out because i can’t get any sleep, i have to remind myself that this little newborn will not be a newborn forever, so soak it all up.

34weeks2 34weeks3

this past weekend, instead of going out for drinks for saint patricks day, we spent time with my family. my parents and my sister came over for some reuben sandwiches. my dad got a kick out of this little guy’s kicks. he kept joking that this little one is going to need lots of spankings haha and i don’t doubt that he will be a bit ornery…but how could i spank that cute little butt? i can’t wait for my parents to be grandparents. this will be their first grandchild and my grandma’s first great grandchild. so you can only assume that there will be a lot of spoiling going on…

2 thoughts on “week by week: 34 weeks

  1. ann says:

    You look darling and more beautiful with each passing week.

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