week by week: 35 weeks


less than 5 weeks left til my due date! time is going so fast i can’t believe it! i still feel pretty good this week. i am still having some back pain, but i moved from a normal office chair at work to an exercise ball which has helped. getting used to sitting on your bum like that all day though is kind of like getting your bum used to riding  horse all day…sore. i am still sleeping really good too. little guy is still moving around like crazy. it’s like he is doing yoga in there or something. our little alien is what we call him because he is moving so much and scaring people who aren’t used to little aliens in people’s bellies haha. i don’t really feel like my belly has grown too much over the past couple weeks. maybe i am delusional?


we met with our doula yesterday and i feel so ready for this baby. she helped us with our birth plan and really took the time to go through all the details. she wasn’t pushy with any of the decisions we made, instead she took the time to help us figure out what was most important to us. she gave me a homework assignment; she wants the 36 week pregnant me to write a letter to the over 40 week pregnant me. the point is to tell myself to be patient, kind, and just remind myself how important it is to wait for baby to come when he is ready. i think it’s a really cool exercise. i don’t think my thoughts on everything will change from now until then…but you never know.



the coolest part about this process is that i feel more and more confident as the weeks go by. you would think the closer the due date gets the more nervous i would get, but i am ready. i am confident and ready. stay positive pregnant ladies out there!


2 thoughts on “week by week: 35 weeks

  1. You look absolutely beautiful!! You do not look that big for being due in 5 weeks. You are amazing and you look gorgeous.

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