one piece love


one. two. three. four. five. six.

i know we are all itching for spring to actually kick in, but with spring brings summer closer…and that means swimsuits. i have never really totally dreaded swimsuit season in the past, but this year will be a different story. i am not expecting myself to be in a bikini this summer, and i am totally ok with that. i have always loved one piece suits and with them becoming more popular there are tons of super cute styles out there to chose from. my main thing i look for in a one piece is support for my bust. there is nothing more irritating than a bandeau top that wants to flop right off your girls. this year with having a baby right before summer starts, i will want some support in the mid section too. i think the suits with ruching help a lot to hide and conceal your tummy area. there are also a lot of one pieces out there with ruching that comes down over your bum, almost like fifties style. i am kind of on the short side, so i don’t want to cut off my legs and make them look even shorter, so i stick to the suits that have a higher cut leg hole.

whether you feel like you need to wear a one piece or just want to rock one because they are cute, be confident in it and make sure it’s comfortable!


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