week by week: 36 weeks


36 weeks has been packed with all sorts of fun stuff. we had our “mock birth” in our birthing class on tuesday. brian was out of town for work, so i had my mom come to class and be my “partner”. the “mock labor” started as if our labor started in the middle of the night. our partners were suppose to help us try to sleep and relax. the teacher would time contractions while we held plastic bags filled with ice to simulate something uncomfortable. as the “mock birth” progressed, it became daytime and the contractions got more intense and closer together. we had to place our hands in buckets of ice to simulate a more uncomfortable situation. our partners helped us by either distracting us or by rubbing our backs and making sure we were switching positions every 30 minutes. it was a really fun exercise and this week we will start the “mock birth” as if we just got to the hospital. i am not really looking forward to sticking my hands in ice again though haha.


on wednesday my sister came over and took some maternity photos, which i am really excited to see! then on saturday i got to get my hair done…thank god, and then we had a little shower with all the grandmas. it was so much fun to just be able to sit there and chat with brian’s mom and step mom, and then my mom and grandma. they all went in together and got the baby stroller of our dreams for us! we are so excited to try it out and strut around town with baby. one of my besties also gave me a bunch of baby hand-me-downs that i am soo thankful for. i really feel like it is all coming together and we are getting so close to being completely ready for baby.


then on sunday was easter. it was a really fun casual day with my family, consisting of lots of eating and feeling baby boy kick. i did start to feel pretty uncomfortable yesterday during the day. i am not really able to eat a whole lot with out feeling super full and sitting gets uncomfortable really quick in any position. i am finding it harder to breathe…baby that means you need to drop! i sleep great still…i love sleep. but this baby is really starting to take it’s toll on my body. he is really pulling my guts around in there and it’s not super comfortable. that is the only complaining i am going to do though…because i know i still have some weeks of uncomforted ahead of me so i have got to suck it up.


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