week by week: 37 weeks


37 weeks and baby is still very happy in my belly. he is making my life a little uncomfortable but i suppose i will allow it 🙂 i am still sleeping great, so i thank him for that. he still hasn’t dropped and i haven’t had any significant contractions. at the doctor’s this past week, she told me that if baby came now he wouldn’t have to be in the NICU. that was great to hear! i am getting more and more eager to meet this little guy. i told brian i am really excited to see if he is a baldy or a little hairy monkey. i had lots of black hair as a baby and then it started growing in blonde, and i think brian had pretty light hair as a baby…so we will see!


my doula, who is also a massage therapist, asked me if i would like to help her subject for a prenatal massage class she was teaching to some massage therapy students. it meant a free massage so i was in! i did have 6 students staring at my pale body, but i didn’t care. it felt sooo nice. it was the first massage i have had since being pregnant…why did i not do this sooner? even the slightest pulls and movements she did felt like my sacrum was in heaven. this uterus is really pulling on my lower back! it was also nice to see kelly our doula again. every time i see her, i get more and more excited for her to be apart of our experience.


the baby’s room is so close to being done too. i did a little diy project this weekend with an old toy chest my grandpa built for my dad. it’s so cute and i can’t wait to share it with you. this week is also our last childbirth class, which seems crazy. everything is going so fast. this weekend a local movie theater is showing a ina may gaskin movie called “birth story: ina may gaskin and the farm midwives“. this is about the lady who wrote the ‘guide to childbirth‘ i told you i read. she is like the queen of all midwives! i am going with a  good friend and am really excited to see it. i think it will be the perfect push for a positive natural labor before baby boy is born.


4 thoughts on “week by week: 37 weeks

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Still lookin’ cute! So happy you have such a positive attitude:)

  2. Ann says:

    EVERYONE likes positive vibes!!! Amalia, You have written the book on positivity. You still look absolutely darling at 9 months pregnant . Now, Its Count down time and that hardly seems possible .You have made it all look so easy and fun. Baby VB has a wonderful mommy.

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