week by week: 38 weeks


i can’t believe this little baby boy could come any day now! i am 50/50 on my thoughts of him coming early. i kind of feel like he is pretty content in there and just wants to chill for a bit longer, but there is another part of me thinks that he is maybe ready to be out. either way, we are happy. i so badly want to meet him and see what he looks like, but i also get really sentimental about no longer being pregnant. it’s been such a journey with brian that i have really enjoyed. it makes me sad to think it will end, but the prize at the end is the best we will ever receive.


i have been feeling a little uncomfortable, mainly when i sit at work all day. i change it up between the exercise ball and a chair, but my back is still trying to figure out how to support this large belly. i sleep great still…i don’t want to jinx myself, so i will not gloat. i haven’t really noticed him drop at all, but my doctor told me it may not be super noticeable because i don’t really have a long torso…so we will see. i have noticed a bit of pinching down there though. not sure if it’s his head rubbing around or if my body is getting ready for labor.


my sister’s had a little shower for me this weekend. we received the most thoughtful, creative gift i could have ever asked for. i don’t want to go into too much detail because i will post about it, but it’s a quilt for little guy. i teared up and can’t even begin to thank everyone enough. i also loved the movie “a birth story” a friend and i went to see on saturday. so great and empowering. women are rock stars for sure! my doula sat right in front of us at the theater. we joked that if i go into labor during the movie i would be in good hands because the crowd was full of doulas, midwives, teachers, etc.

here’s to almost the end and soaking up every little kick and nudge.


2 thoughts on “week by week: 38 weeks

  1. Josie Berry says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the quilt! Your mom was telling me about it the other day. You have an amazing family!

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