the nursery: family quilt


ok, i know i have a ton of pictures of this but i just couldn’t help myself. this is the AMAZING quilt that my family and friends all made for our little guy! at my shower this past weekend i was totally shocked to receive this gift. i guess this has been in the works since february. my sisters sent out little packets in the mail to some family and friends that had a quilt square, an assigned letter, color swatches and stitch tutorials. each person had to pick an animal that started with their letter, design it, go pick out their own fabric, and then stitch their animal onto their square. i was soo impressed with everyone’s choices and how great everyone did! i am sure some people totally freaked out when they were asked to participate in this. actually i know people freaked! people were thinking, “i have no idea how to quilt!” “i can’t sew!” but the most wonderful part about it all is that they did it! they all put their love and energy into doing their square for our little guy.

once everyone had returned their finished square to my sisters, it was time for them to assemble the quilt. my sisters, mom and grandma all had a very special part in making this quilt come together. the amount of time that goes into quilting is astounding! and WAIT THERE’S MORE! they put together a little hard-bound alphabet book to go with the quilt. my mom wrote this herself and i just think it’s adorable! the book has each letter and a picture of the associated animal square, a little saying and then who made each one.

i was so overwhelmed when i got this gift. i know how much love and energy went into creating it, and brian and i are so thankful. it means so much that people took the time to do something so special for our son. he is one very very lucky little guy to be surrounded by such amazing people 🙂 everyone should get one of these. so special.


7 thoughts on “the nursery: family quilt

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Ramsey looks like he loves it, so that’s good!! Can’t wait to read the book to your little guy:)

  2. What a very special day it was. What a beautiful and talented family the Horns all are. Fun to be with all the family and your dear dear friends. The nursery is beautiful and so perfect , your bags are packed, everything is ready and perfectly in its place. Waiting…waiting.. for that dear little baby boy who will enter the world , oh! so very soon, on his own time. and when he is ready. What a wonderful world he will enter filled with so many who are patiently and lovingly waiting to meet him. He is so loved.

  3. redagapeblog says:

    Absolutely incredible!!! Was a beautiful gift to receive. So special and so meaningful. Xo

  4. Kathy Bingham says:

    I jope Kate will get the same measure of love from her friends and family. You might have tarted a trend in baby showers. Love, Kathy

    On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 2:58 PM, amalia misc.

  5. […] obsessed with embroidery every since i did these DIY leggings and my family and friends made me the most amazing quilt known to man. there are about 3 sewing/embroidery projects i have in my mind…now to just find […]

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