week by week: 39 weeks



39 weeks and still pregnant. i mean should i really be shocked? most first time moms end up going late…and i haven’t even reached my due date so i should just shut it. i am getting pretty anxious though. this little guy still hasn’t dropped and i am not getting any signs of anything happening any time soon. i am drinking raspberry leaf tea and taking evening prime rose oil pills, sitting on the exercise ball at work and trying to walk as much as i can. does anyone have any good suggestions to get this guy more excited about coming out into this world? i have to be patent and i guess i can’t complain too much because i am still sleeping fairly well and i am not too terribly uncomfortable. i will say though, by the end of the day my hips are so sore it makes it hard to walk. now when i wake up in the middle of the night to pee, i have a harder time falling back asleep because my mind starts racing. this past friday i just thought of all the things i wanted to clean…



i woke up telling brian i had thought about all the places i wanted to clean and he wasn’t too thrilled…but he was a champ and helped me accomplish all my goals this weekend! we got so much done and i was so thankful to have that time. the neighbors probably thought i was crazy…outside shaking out every rug in the house and buying furniture and running errands like a mad woman!


i had a massage with my doula on saturday which felt amazing! she told me after that she has a feeling this little guy is pretty cozy in there…i was like “ehh…why do you say that???” already knowing in my head that this “little” guy IS COZY as EVER in there! she said part of it is just a “feeling” she gets and then the other part would be the fact that i have no swelling. she also said that when you get closer to the baby coming your ankles start to get really loose. i am guessing being a massage therapist you can really notice this more so than other people. sooo…with that being said, i will make sure i take this time to just relax, spend some time with brian and do last minute cleaning.   in the back of my mind i am thinking…”bring on the swelling!” “come on extreme pelvic pressure!”


2 thoughts on “week by week: 39 weeks

  1. Taura says:

    Cleaning never keeps me up at night… Must be a pregnancy thing!
    Can’t wait to meet your little dude any day now!!

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