bastian’s first week


bastian is one week old today. this week has been a whirl wind of emotions. when people tell you things will be hard, you don’t really think it will be that hard for ‘you’. when people say breast feeding is hard, you think ‘oh i will be able to do it’. when people talk about the baby blues, you don’t really understand what that means.

i am not saying  it has been bad, but it has been hard, very hard. the thing that has pulled me through this week is every time i look at bastian’s face or hear his little coos. in the middle of the night when i am tired and having to get up to feed this little sucking-eating machine, i just look down and see his sweet little face and it makes it all worth it. it melts my heart to see his little eyebrows peek up and his little mouth give me kissy faces. i could stare at him all day and night.

we are just trying our best and do what works for us; helping this little boy adjust to our world, and trying to meet his needs. i feel so lucky to be able to be his mom. i can’t believe that brian and i could create such a perfect little baby. everyday gets better and better, and i have to remind myself that no matter how tired, emotional or scared i feel, these days will go by so quickly. soon i will wake up with no little boy looking to me to feed him and i will long for those days of night time feedings.

i can’t really believe it has been one week. we are so lucky to have a sweet healthy baby boy. we are so in love!


5 thoughts on “bastian’s first week

  1. kate hewitt says:

    Love that little kissy face… how precious! I was smiling ear to ear reading this post. I am just so so happy for you guys!

  2. Taura Horn says:

    This brought tears to my eyes! You and Brian are awesome:)

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