month by month: 1 month


baby bastian is a month old! i can’t believe it’s already been a month. things are going really good and i don’t think he could get any more precious. he keeps changing everyday. things i have learned about motherhood and my sweet baby bash in the first month:
– always have that new diaper under that bum…i have been pooped on twice so far
– he likes to be held…constantly (i secretly love this because i get a lot of snuggle time)
– i swear he smiles at mom and dad purposefully and not just because he has gas or something
– he loves car rides and being on the go
– he loves his baths! he can be screaming and once he is put in his tub he instantly is happy
– he is a little drama king. everything seems to be a big production, from farting and pooping to being tired and hungry…he will let you know
– the faces he makes are priceless, i think he might get that from mom 🙂
– he makes the craziest grunts and noises
– he smiles in his sleep and it’s adorable
– breastfeeding was hard as hell but if you give it a couple weeks and don’t give up its so worth it! the bonding time is priceless…not to mention free 🙂
– he has long fingers and toes
– I think his hair is going to turn blonde
– 95% of people think he looks like brian
– he is about 8 lbs 6 oz now
– his eyes are blue
– his daily routine is hungry, happy, grumpy, sleepy, repeat
– we had a 5 hour stretch of sleeping last night!
we fall more and more in love with you each day baby bastian. we could stare at you every hour of every day and not ever get sick of those sweet faces and noises you make. can’t wait for you to experience more of the world!


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