being busy

so sorry for being MIA from the blog…this little guy has taken all of my time. i can’t seem to find any time to do anything. being a mom is the most challenging thing I have ever done. there is nothing you can read, hear, study or buy that will prepare you for the roller coaster of parenting. sometimes I feel like “wow, i am finally getting the hang of this!” then “what the hell do i now!?!” comes and slaps me right in the face. so i am learning (forcing myself) to just roll with the punches.
i don’t want to sound like things aren’t going well, cause they are but i want to be real too. it’s not all snuggles and butterfly kisses…it’s a whole new way of thinking, acting and feeling. each stage of bastian’s life will require changes and adjustments. he is our world now and we can’t wait for the future but i also want to remember all these moments of his infancy. i hear it goes fast and no matter how challenging it can be, you’ll want to go back to that tiny little baby snuggling in your arms. so i don’t want to take it for granted. Oh little bastian, as difficult as you make it sometimes you make my heart melt when you stare into my eyes, smile or grasp my finger when you eat. i could stare at you all day…and night because you love night time 🙂 moms out there, hats off to you, because you deserve it!
ps i have a DIY that I am trying to finish to share…but again that thing called time, or should I say time with both hands free.


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