diy painted onesie


i bought a couple onesie a while back with hopes to make them into something fun and personal for baby bastian. i finally got around to doing this project with him strapped to my chest (someone likes to be by mama all the time). so needless to say, if i can do this with a newborn strapped to me, it is easy and fast.

first, gather all your supplies: onesie, paint (i used just craft paint), brushes and chalk. then i decided what i wanted to paint, i jus searched for some illustrations that i liked on google and tried to mimic them. i chose one cat inspired onsie and a cloud inspired onsie similar to a pillow he has in his room. then i took the chalk and outlined where and how big the drawing would be. then i started painting. with darker fabric you will most likely have to use a few coats to get the color to be vibrant. wait til it’s dry and then have them model them!

i washed the onsie first, so that any shrinking would happen before the design was painted on. i haven’t washed them yet with the paint, so hopefully it will not crack and peel. hope you like! i am sure he will grow out of these in matter of days (already looks too small) so i will have to get going on some bigger ones.


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