bedtime routine…

so I have heard it’s about time to start implementing a bedtime routine. well bastian is a fan if his bath but not a fan of night. he pretty much likes to scream between his two evening feedings. so it makes it hard to have a nice “fun” routine. i have a rough routine that we are still working through. the thing is i almost have to draw it out to be 1.5 hours long, because again, he just wants to scream at night in between feedings. so we go up to his room (he loves just laying on the floor looking at all the psychedelic stuff haha) and i read him a couple books. he doesn’t even really look at the book…he would rather stare at the built-in drawers because they are sooo interesting (?). then i get his bath ready. i have now learned to just let him chill in his puj tub while i pour water over him (treated like a little king huh?). he stays calm and looks so cute relaxing. when i take him out we put lotion on and then pjs and his swaddle blanket (although he was calm in the photo above, he usually isn’t too happy). he eats and i let him take too long probably…but he will be easier to out to bed. then we get in bed. yes, in bed together because that’s what works for us. i remember before becoming a mom, i always told myself “never!” to co-sleeping. well, when you are faced with no sleeping or snuggling with your newborn at night…I take the snuggles. some people have strong views one way or the other but i don’t really care what he or she says. we do what works for us.
it’s funny because i have learned to stop googling things because you will get experts fighting for all sides. i laugh when i read about sleep tactics online. like do you want to come over to my house and try to keep my baby up two hours before bed every night? or do you want to try to get him back to sleep in his bassinet at 4 am? didn’t think so. well anyways i hope that someday bedtime will be kind of “fun” or at least everything leading up to bedtime.
does anyone have awesome bedtime routines that make their little one a sleeping angel?


4 thoughts on “bedtime routine…

  1. Stacy says:

    I have read every book/blog/research summary on this too. Carson is an angel baby during the day, and come 10pm, becomes almost possessed. He screams, he cries, he flails… We used the “Miracle Blanket” and that was a huge help until he got too tall/strong and learned to escape it. Now we are up for just about anything. I got a new sleep sack, got a new white noise app, tried keeping the room almost pitch black…
    One night he went down easy and slept for 6 hrs straight, the next night he fussed, and slept in 1.5hr increments. We followed the same routine both nights so, yea.
    Our doc considers it Cluster Feeding, or a way of storing up calories by trying to eat more often right before bed. I’m not convinced tho, I think he just doesn’t want to miss out on the “fun” of staring at the ceiling fan. Let me know if you discover any new tricks!

    • amaliamisc says:

      Geesh! Well it’s good to know bastian isn’t the only possessed at night! Bastian likes car rides, sometimes he doesn’t even make from the house to the car before he’s out cold. Maybe a late night drive would work? But then there is the transitioning from the car seat to the sleeper…good luck and I keep hearing it does get better 😀

  2. Taura Horn says:

    Joe said he’s take Brodie in a car ride just to get him to sleep because it worked so well, not even to go anywhere. Like you said, do what works!

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