life lately




life lately has been pretty great! i feel like i am finally getting the hang of this phase of bastian’s life…and soon he will move into a new phase that i will have to learn all about. he is just such a doll. brian and i had our first date night. i was so nervous to leave, but we knew he was in good hands with grandma ann. he cried pretty much the whole time…grandma ann says she even likes his cries, so she doesn’t mind…oh grandmas 🙂
so bastian has also been so much happier these days now that I have cut dairy out of my diet. i think it could be a combination of that and having a more mature stomach. he is just not as fussy and doesn’t have as much gas.
bastian also had his first play date. he slept most of the time so he wasn’t much fun for baby will. will’s mom jacque introduced me to the rock’n play sleeper. this has been a life saver!! bastian sleeps in it at night and even takes naps in it! he slept til 4:30 last night! this thing is seriously a miracle rocker, i highly recommend it.
fathers day is this weekend and i have to think of something fun and special to do with brian. does anyone have any fun plans to do with the dads in their lives?


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