month by month: two months


bastian was two months old yesterday…i am late on my post! here are some of the things that i love about you little baby bastian: – the fake squeaky cries you do while you sleep

– stretching out in the morning when i unswaddle you
– smiling when someone smiles at you – the pure enjoyment on your face durning bath time
– then the screams you make when i take you out of the bath
– those legs moving and kicking like you are swimming the Nile
– all the noises you make constantly, mostly squeaks
– you are sleeping much better these days, going for a 6 hour stretch at night
– you went swimming for the first time and loved it. the water was kind of cold and you didn’t even flinch
– you had your two month check up and the doctor said you were small but mighty!
– you hold your head up so strong for tummy time but you still hate it

he is just changing every day and i can’t get enough of his sweetness! here’s to another month!

One thought on “month by month: two months

  1. Tasha says:

    Love the mustache shirt!

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