dealing with a post-pregnancy body


so i may be crazy, but for some reason i thought i would fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes soon after i had bastian. i know it doesn’t seem logical at all…but i kind of thought i could at least squeeze those summer shorts on, or button up that blouse. i didn’t gain that much weight with my pregnancy and i stayed really active and fit, so why wouldn’t i snap back into shape, right? well i sure don’t feel like there is any snapping or shape going on here.

my hips haven’t gone back down to size, my stomach still has a hard time staying in, and my chest is too large to fit into any of my old clothes. when i was pregnant i had to get over the fact that my body wasn’t really mine anymore. my baby needed me to eat healthy food, not drink, limit caffeine and of course gain weight…as most pregnant women do. i did it all with a smile on my face because i knew it was all worth it. once i had bastian i thought, “finally! i get my body back! i get to eat and drink whatever i want!” well…once again my body is not mine. i am still providing nourishment for my baby from breastfeeding. bastian is lactose intolerant, so i can’t have any dairy, which is hard when cheese is a staple in your diet. i have to limit what i drink, and you know what, sometimes i just want to get drunk! or never mind the fact that when you are up all night and really tired, all you want to do is guzzle down 20 cups of insanely strong coffee, yet can’t because you have to limit your caffeine. again, it’s all worth it because i am giving my little guy the best nourishment he could get, and i do love doing it. realizing again that my body has a bigger purpose than just looking “fit” or making me feel good, is something that i am slowly getting used to.

i have also found that i don’t care as much about the way i look now. i am not sure if it’s because i just don’t have the same amount of time to get ready as i did before, or if it’s because bastian puts everything into perspective for me. i am sure that soon i will want to feel good about the way i look again, but right now, i feel pretty good about what i am doing. i have started to go back to the gym (veeeerrrrry slooooowly) but finding time or fitting it into bastian’s schedule is harder than i thought. i know i will get back into a good work out routine someday soon; one where i won’t feel guilty about leaving my sweet little guy. i am not being lazy, i am taking care of a baby!

why are we as women, so hard on ourselves when it comes to our bodies? we put our bodies through a lot! way more than any man ever does, yet we expect ourselves to be perfect. i don’t even think men have the harsh expectations about our bodies as women do. so with all that said, i have to remind myself that it took 9 months to gain this weight, so it won’t just disappear like magic (despite what everyone says about breastfeeding being the super magic weight loss method, i have found that i am waaaay more hungry, and have to eat in order to keep my supply up).

overall, i have realized that bastian NEEDS me to eat enough calories, he needs me to be home with him and most importantly he needs me to be happy. in the end we would all love to look like this right away…but come on…who really looks like that before babies?

9 thoughts on “dealing with a post-pregnancy body

  1. kathy bingham says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself and give your body time to readjust to it’s new role. Try using Bastian as a weight. He will have fun, you can bench press his weight, you can do bicep curls and push ups with his cute little body below you and you’ll be spending quality time with him. I did all those things after I had kids and it really helped. My babies all smiled and laughed and I felt like I was getting some exercise. Walks are always good but it has to be early because of the heat right now. Can’t wait to see you Saturday at the shower and meet this little guy. Love, Kathy

  2. Audrey Crisp says:

    I saw your blog from Pinterest.. Love your son’s nursery. I had a baby almost three months ago and my body looks awful still. It’s so worth it though! Your son is so cute!

  3. Kelly says:

    Jacque gave me your blog address. Love it, btw.

    The post baby body…. sucks. It is so not your own for awhile and it looks nothing like what it used to and it’s hard to get used to that! It will go back though, or back to a new normal that feels good again. I have a 6 week old little girl, my fourth girl! And every time I have to remind myself that I will feel normal again. It gets much better at 3 months and 6 months I think. And by a year I feel like we’ve hit a “new normal”. Hang in there!

    • amaliamisc says:

      thanks kelly! wow, four girls, how exciting! congrats on your new baby. i know my body will soon feel like my own again, i just have to hang in there a little longer. good thing we are pretty much distracted 24/7 by our children to care too much 🙂

  4. ticha says:

    This IS such a major adjustment and you are doing great! To your babe you are perfect, so look at yourself through his eyes. Your scent, the sound of your voice, your soft touch is all he needs and wants.

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