front door make-over

frontdoor1 frontdoor2 frontdoor3

i finally got around to painting the front door! with a little kick in the butt from brian, it got done. i was looking to paint the door something in the blue hues, but my girlfriend jacque convinced me that yellow would be a great compliment. so i just went all in and picked a really vibrant yellow/orange color called yam. i chose to update the mirrors in the entry and paint them fire engine red to go with the bright feel of the door. i really love the final result. the next step would be to paint the storm door…ugh but that seems like a lot of work to get all those nooks and crannies. if i were going to take on the task, i would go with a dark gray, similar to the trim on the rest of the house.

ps. can you see how much time i have spent on the outside garden area and planters on the front porch?? ZERO! yes, i am the neighbor that has empty planters on her front porch…classy:)

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