bastian’s first road trip

first_road_trip1 first_road_trip2 first_road_trip3 first_road_trip4

this past weekend we took bastian on his first road trip to visit brian’s sister and her family in minnesota. we were a little nervous because bastian recently decided he didn’t like his carseat anymore. we packed up the toys he “plays” with and downloaded a cartoon for the ipad (this kid zones out to tv…scares me a little). he actually did really well on the ride up, except for one small breakdown when we were stuck in a traffic jam and he was hungry. brian’s sister amy live in the prettiest suburb of minneapolis called independence. amy’s house is beautiful and she was the best hostess. there was lots of great food, friends, drinks and conversation. her neighborhood is any child’s dream neighborhood; huge yards, full of kids and lots of fun toys, ie. dirt bikes, golf carts, and mini atv’s. all the neighbors get along so well, it was just so much fun.

bastian did pretty well. he wasn’t on his normal nap schedule (‘schedule’ meaning we put him to bed when he is a crank) so he kind of had to roll with the punches. i think it was good for him to be surrounded by lots of people, loud kids and have to be on our schedule. i am not going to lie, there were times he was pretty cranky…but no one seemed to mind. that’s the thing about visiting people who have kids, they just want to hold a cute baby regardless if he is screaming or not. all the kids were so interested in him and wanted to help out with the baby. he was hamming it up for a bunch of little girls, making all sorts of goofy screaming noises and smiling. trouble trouble…

the ride home was even better than the ride there because he was so tired. he probably slept all but 1.5 hours of the ride. when we pulled into our neighborhood he started looking out the window with big eyes. it seemed like he was aware that he was almost home (i know, i know…but i swear it did seem like he knew…genius baby over here).

our first road trip was a major success and so much fun! my advise to anyone taking a little baby on a vacation or road trip would be to lighten up. don’t get stressed if your baby cries because it probably bothers you more than others. take the essentials and let baby adapt to their surroundings. if your visiting family, don’t worry about taking all the bouncers and swings because most likely someone will want to hold your baby. if you don’t get sleep, don’t fret, you’re on vacation so you are supposed to stay up late, right? you can always catch up when you get home. if you try to keep everything perfect for your baby all of the time, you might create a monster.

well, amy thanks for putting up with our little monster all weekend! we had so much fun!


3 thoughts on “bastian’s first road trip

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Good advice! Cute photos:)

  2. […] weekend we took a trip to minnesota to visit brian’s sister and family. we took this trip last year when bastian was only 3 months old. this year we got to do a lot more fun things including driving […]

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