sir cranks-a-lot


bastian aka sir cranks-a-lot may look sweet and innocent…but lately this little guy has been on the cranky train. it could be one or all of three things:

  1. we just got home from vacation. this probably wore him out quite a bit and hasn’t really recovered from lack of sleep yet.
  2. he’s going through his 3 month growth spurt. he is waking up twice a night wanting to eat, when it was just once before. he is acting hungry all the time and would prefer to just be on the boob 24/7. he isn’t taking good naps during the day either. well, i guess if you are persistent enough you can get him down for a long one (we’re talking 30 min of sticking the paci in over and over for only a 1 hour nap here people).
  3. he is teething. i know that most babies don’t teeth until around 6 months, but i have read it can happen earlier. he is a drooling monster…like drenching his clothes in a matter of minutes monster. instead of sucking on his paci, he will put it toward the crook of his mouth and chew on it. he is constantly sucking and chewing on his hands, and even when i put my finger in his mouth he will chew on it.

so let’s just say he has been a bit of a crank. i do say this lightly though because he still has his smiles and giggles, but i can just tell he isn’t his same old self. whatever it is i hope that is leaves his cute little body…soon! because i don’t want to get used to sir cranks-a-lot. anyone have similar symptoms with their little ones? do i have a long long haul ahead of me?


6 thoughts on “sir cranks-a-lot

  1. Amber Carper Barclay says:

    I would ask your doctor what dosage of baby Motrin to give him, it does sound like teething! This process will go on for a long while, seeing as he’ll be “teething” for well over a year. Whenever our daughter was out of sorts we would always blame teething, it’s a good go to excuse for a grumpy baby! 🙂 What I did for my daughter was to give her a very small dosage of baby Motrin at night, which helped her get a nice long sleep in. We also did this occasionally during the day when it was evident she was very cranky due to pain of her gums. I’ve also had several friends swear by the Amber beads for helping with teething, although I never tried this myself. They sell them at different baby boutiques. Might be worth a try! Good luck!

    • amaliamisc says:

      Thanks amber for the great advice! I have heard about those amber beads and I really want to try them! Motrin works wonders too 🙂 we gave hime some for his 2 month shots. I will report back if the amber beads work.

  2. Ashley Green says:

    Girl me too! I have Mr Cranky on my hands too. He was sleeping through the night and now he is getting up twice a night to eat. I don’t know what is going on either but I want my happy baby back! I’m thinking teeth for me too…althought I thought they were a little young for that?

    • amaliamisc says:

      Ashley I heard that some babies can even have teeth when their born…how scary would that be! But yes I have multiple people say it happened early for them. Good luck!

  3. Ticha says:

    Yeah, my daughter’s 1st tooth came at 4 months. With my son it seems like we dovetailed from nb colic/dairy intolerance to teething and crawling… Seems like all those milestones disrupt their sleep. We’ve used amber necklaces on both, 24/7. It seems to help and it doesn’t hurt! You have the right attitude at least!!

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