two years under our belt


yesterday brian and i celebrated our second anniversary. well, we actually celebrated on saturday and just hung out at home with bastian yesterday. i can’t believe it’s only been two years…i am sure so many people say it the other way around, but it feels like brian has been in my life forever. i proposed to brian the first night i met him…we had a few drinks yes, but i really did think he was pretty cool hehe! there was something really different about him, something that no other guy possessed.  i was hooked from that very first night.

we celebrated our second year with some craft style cocktails, oysters and walking hand in hand. with bastian in our lives now, it’s hard to get one-on-one time, but whenever it happens it sure feels good (even if we talk about bastian the whole time…). happy anniversary brian. you will always be that care-free, curly haired, sweet guy i met 6 years ago 🙂


3 thoughts on “two years under our belt

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Congrats! I’m so happy you brought Brian into EVERYONE’S lives! He’s definitely a good addition to our family:)

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