another project on my hands


so my mom found this little gem on the curb when she was on a walk around our neighborhood. i knew i had to snatch it up quick! ok…well maybe not quick…because maybe no one else would want a fireplace mantle. but me, YES! i want this to go in our basement and house the tv, cable box, movies etc. right now our basement is not really decorated at all. i put any of our ‘left over’ furniture pieces down there. but i think it’s about time to style this place up and make it more of a hang out. i keep telling everyone how badly i want to renovate it…but let’s face it, that’s not happening for a loooonnnnng time. sad face. so until then, maybe i can be inspired to decorate and make that basement a more cozy place for us to hang out. thank you little fireplace mantle that someone thought was junk for coming into my world to inspire me to do more house projects!

here are some inspiration faux fireplaces that really get me excited! i seriously get like giddy inside thinking about doing fun stuff downstairs now 🙂

image source
image source
image source
image source
mage source

what do you guys think? i really like the idea of shelves inside the mantle. i hope i start this project while i am still excited and giddy about it!


4 thoughts on “another project on my hands

  1. Ali Hodson says:


    My friend Kristen made a neat project out of her non-working fireplace.

  2. Taura Horn says:

    All the projects look awesome, especially the stacked log one. Our mantle is yellow brick and has no purpose whatsoever, was thinking about tearing it out – but now I want to paint it and do something fun with it! Thanks!

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