jordin’s nursery

jordins_nursery1 jordins_nursery2 jordins_nursery3 jordins_nursery4

my bestie jordin is due with a baby girl at the end of august. i can’t wait for her to be a mom and to meet her little girl. i wanted to make something special for jordin for her nursery, so when she showed me a mobile she loved, i knew it would be the perfect gift i could make. jordin’s nursery is absolutely adorable and i wanted to share all the cute details she put into it.

the gray and yellow with pops of pink color combo is girly but not over the top. her mom and her sewed the pillows and curtains for the room. i love all the artwork and the “peace” canvas print is actually a shower gift that we gave to her. we had everyone at the shower make hearts with their thumb prints and write their names under it. i just adore this nursery and i can’t wait for a her little girl to be the perfect addition to it. nice work jordin!


5 thoughts on “jordin’s nursery

  1. kate hewitt says:

    love it. Great job Jordin and that mobile is just awesome!!! You’re just so talented molly!

  2. Kelly says:

    wow! love it. you should make those and sell them!

  3. Taura Horn says:

    Love the color scheme, and your mobile is so stinkin’ cute! Miss Baby will love it!

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