month by month: 4 months


i feel like this past month bastian has really started to turn into mr. personality. although mr. personality isn’t always so nice, he sure is cute though haha. here are some of the fabulous things bastian has done this month:

– he has found his feet! they are constantly in his hands and really trying to make their way to his mouth.
– everything goes in his mouth, or attempts to get put in his mouth.
– he laughs at things. he still doesn’t think toys are very funny but people sure are.
– he has rolled over 4 times for us! we can’t get him to do it every time he in on his tummy, but he’s done it!
– he is still a shrimp, but i guess that means he will be my little baby for a long time 🙂
– he has one freak out a day and it usually revolves around taking naps.
– he is reaching for toys and holding things in his hands.
– he is talking a ton. he makes the cutest little squeaks and screams. when you talk to him and you can see his little mouth moving around trying to remember how he makes those noises.
– at night, he has gone back to waking up only once. he eats and then right back to bed. (aside from last night…he woke up 3 times…no one’s perfect)

bastian is so much fun these days. although i love to see him grow and start doing new things, it makes me sad how fast it’s going. it’s bitter sweet. i feel like if i blink he will all of a sudden be playing with swords and walking around in cowboy boots (sidenote: brian and i were taking bastian on a walk and saw a little neighbor boy playing in just his underwear and cowboy boots, walking around with a huge play sword. he was trying to use his undies as a holster for his sword but they proved to be too baggy. it.was.adorable!) being bastian’s mom has been so fulfilling. when he smiles or grabs his toes i glow with pride. that’s my baby boy, all mine (along with dad’s and grandma’s and grandpa’s and auntie’s and uncle’s and friend’s…).


4 thoughts on “month by month: 4 months

  1. Erica Green says:

    It has been fun reading and watching your little peanut Bastian grow. He’s a cutie pie for sure:) My babe, June turns 4 mo. next week and it has been fun for me to read about what you are going through. This time (like most), Bastian and June are basically doing the same things! She talks constantly, she loves holding her toes, and more annoyingly….she has started to wake up through the night again:( Oh, well it is nothing compared to the first few weeks.
    Anyways, I just thought I would say hello and I appreciate the diary:)
    Erica Green

    • amaliamisc says:

      Thanks Erica! I love the name June! So cute! Isn’t four months fun! Yes the waking at night is not fun and just when I think he has gotten through it he shows me he hasn’t 🙂 Congrats on baby June! Thanks for reading!

  2. Taura Horn says:

    Just seeing his little smiling face makes me want to kiss him! What a sweetie, he brings so much happiness to the world!!

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