cribs, colds and stress, OH MY!


this week has been kind of hectic at the van bloom household. we recently decided to rip off the band-aid and transition bastian to his big boy crib. he had some rough nights sleeping in his rock’n play and i was at my wit’s end, so i thought, what better time to continue not getting sleep! put that baby in his crib! the first night felt so strange. for the first time in 4 months we were able to watch tv in bed…even though i thought i would love it, i kind of missed him.  (i did sleep really soundly though…zzzz) he woke up twice that night, then once the second night, and that continued for a few days. THEN the little guy realized…”this is permanent mom? oh hell no!” he now has us on our toes as what kind of sleeping bastian we are going to get each night. we have been trying the whole “ferber” method, where you let them cry but keep going into the room to reassure them they are not going to die, each time extending the time you wait to go in. well, when you have a child who knows what they want (to be picked up, nursed…or more like ‘i’m not hungry mom i just want to use you as my pacifier”) then the whole ferber method can be pretty exhausting. i keep thinking, a few more days and this baby will just magically fall asleep himself! but bastian has his own plans. the thing that ferber doesn’t tell you is, when it’s 1 am and you have to go to work the next morning, it could take 1.5 hrs. for your sweet little sleeper to go back to sleep…human pacifier it is 🙂 also, the whole ‘put your baby to bed awake’ thing has just got me perplexed. like whaaa? do you know my child ferber? do you want to come babysit him? i am not that strong, mama needs her z’s. to top it all off, this week i came down with the first cold i have had in about 2 years. i am blaming the lack of sleep + stress for that one. i am finally feeling better and ready to just enjoy this weekend.

ultimately the transition to the crib was easier than i thought it would be. even with all my complaining (please read above in case you missed it) i think it has been for the best. i think maybe i need to do one thing at a time. first conquer the crib, then the unnecessary middle of the night wakings, then the naps. i know that bastian will forever switch up his style to keep me on my toes, so i have to just take a big swig of vodka-cranberry and relax. he is a baby and i am only human. oh the joys of motherhood 🙂 hope everyone has a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “cribs, colds and stress, OH MY!

  1. tasha says:

    i here ya… i think i will always be tired… forever. on a different note, you’re looking super skinny!

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