bash has got a girlfriend


this past weekend bastian got to have a play date with his girlfriend henley. this sweet little girl belongs to my good friend jordin. she is absolutely adorable and i couldn’t get enough of her precious newborn-ness. bash didn’t seem to have much interest in her…but he will someday. especially since they are going to get married when they are older. we had a ton of fun and i can’t wait for them to have another date!


5 thoughts on “bash has got a girlfriend

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Babies having babies!!! Her hair is incredible, she looks so much like her daddy! But seriously, where did that hair come from?

  2. kate hewitt says:

    so so so cute! I love that Henley was more into Bastian =) So fun to see all these babies together… little do they know their mommies are already planning their futures hehehe.

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