month by month: 5 months


the littlest man in my life is 5 months old today. he is just so darn amazing i can’t take it. here are some of the things that make bastian, bastian:

  • he is really rolling over a lot more now. he has almost figured out how to go from his back to his tummy too!
  • he sleeps in his big boy bed! with this change came the change in sleep patterns too. he no longer likes to sleep consistently at night. sometimes we get a good night and sometimes we get a bad night.
  • he plays with toys now. he is so cute when he is interested in a toy. he gets mad if we put a toy out of reach and he has to squirm and work to get to it.
  • he is really aware of his surroundings now. he will get distracted while eating if someone starts talking or someone new comes into the room.
  • he follows with his eyes a lot better now too. he will follow your hand if you are eating or drinking something.
  • he doesn’t talk as much as he used to, he doesn’t do his screams that he was doing before, but i attribute that to all the other developmental changes he is going through right now.
  • he loves to pick up water bottles, cups, beers (we don’t let him drink them of course), anything that you drink out of and he puts it in his mouth.
  • he is actually enjoying tummy time now. he can get his back legs under his body to push off of but hasn’t figured out that his arms can help too.
  • he makes the goofiest faces. he has been sucking on his bottom lip and he also sticks his tongue out. i call it his little lizard tongue.
  • he laughs out loud. he loves to be tickled.
  • he hates car rides…unless someone is in the back seat to keep him company.
  • he loves walks and being outside still, and with the cold weather approaching, we are still going to venture outside.
  • he loves to be sung to, and loves games like patty cake and the itsy bitsy spider

bastian is becoming his own person and every day he amazes me with the things he is learning. as much as i enjoy him growing up and doing new things, sometimes i just want to snuggle with him and let him sleep in my arms like a newborn. i could listen to that sweet breath in my ear and smell that fuzzy soft hair for hours. oh time goes too fast!


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