fall fashion: for baby boys

fallfashion_babyboy1sweater | jeans | shoes

fallfashion_babyboy2one-piece | sweater | shoes

fallfashion_babyboy3cardigan | onesie | leggings


fallfashion_babyboy4sweatshirt | onesie | pants


i have been trying to stop the uncontrollable urge to buy more clothes for bastian. with the cooler fall weather approaching the little guy needs some warm clothes! ok, he already has warm clothes…but he may need some more…for special occasions. the outfits that i put together are so adorable i want to buy every single piece! mini things are always cuter aren’t they?!


5 thoughts on “fall fashion: for baby boys

  1. kate hewitt says:

    I want all of that! So cute and yes everything is cuter in mini sizes =) Can’t wait for our little guy to arrive so I can dress him in all sorts of cute outfits!

  2. Taura Horn says:

    Love that denim onsie! Like a little mechanic in training:) Also, do those first hightop tennies come in my size? Can’t wait to see Bastian in his fall fashions!

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