the many faces of bastian



this little boy has so many faces…and i think all of them are pretty darn cute. he is in his highchair, which we recently set up. we wanted him to sit “up” with us while we eat. he sure thinks he is cool sitting in there. we put a bunch of toys on his tray and before we can even sit down they are all on the floor. i have a feeling this is going to happen to food too. you can also see that little lizard tongue i was talking about in his 5 month post. he’s quite the ham.

on a side note, i hope no one was taken back by my post earlier this week. i know it was personal, and to some it may be something you don’t talk about. i have never been anything but sincere and honest on this blog. i don’t feel it necessary to share every personal experience i have, but i also want to be real. i know as a new mom, there is nothing better than knowing you aren’t the only one experiencing things. i just wanted to put that out there.

anyways, i hope everyone has a great weekend. i think we might set up some halloween decorations and i really have to get crackin’ on our halloween costumes! i think i have an good idea what to be, but with this being my favorite holiday…i have to make sure it’s perfect!


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