what happened to my baby?



brian and i just got back from our first trip away from bastian. one of my best girlfriends got married in laguna beach. the wedding was so beautiful and it was a great to be with friends (i will have some pics later this week). leaving bastian was hard and involved lots of planning…milk, milk, milk is all i have thought about for the past 10 weeks. well turns out i had way more than enough, but it is always better to have more than not enough. he got to spend time with both grandmas and grandpas while we were gone and we are so thankful to them for their help. when we saw him at the airport he gave brian and i a huge smile and it really melted our hearts.

he is upstairs taking a nap…that was beyond easy to get him down for…and has been a perfect angel since we have been home. i have no idea what those grandmas did to him, but i like it. knock-on-wood, but this little guy might be over the 4-6 month crazies. ok, i just made that term up, and no he wasn’t crazy, but more like we would get crazy sometimes, haha. if your child has gone through this stage you know what i am talking about. anyways, it feels soo good to be home with our little family. i can’t get enough kisses and squeezes to make up for the three days i was gone!


2 thoughts on “what happened to my baby?

  1. kate hewitt says:

    He is honestly a little model baby… look at that pose in the 2nd picture, already working the angles haha! I need to squeeze him sometime soon! I bet that was the best feeling seeing his smiling face in that airport… it melts my heart just reading it!!!

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