but fingers taste so good mom!


my good friend jacque and her son will have been saviors for bastian and i. she has been one of my go-to-gals when i have questions about bastian. she also assures me i am not crazy and that every mom goes through those things. we get together to talk, vent, go on walks and “play”. last friday we took a walk through her beautiful neighborhood and chatted all things mommy. it’s so cute because will who is almost 13 months, so badly wants to play with bastian. bastian doesn’t quite get the whole “friend” or “playing” thing yet ahah. will was so excited about bastian he wanted to eat his hand (he is going through the ‘i love you, i bite you, you like?’ phase) and when jacque told him no, he sure got sad. we had to snap some photos of these hunks. we couldn’t help but chuckle at poor little will’s crocodile tears from being told no. i can’t wait for these guys to grow up together and be buddies.

ps. brian and jacque grew up across the street from each other and her older brother and brian were best buds. so having our boys be so close in age and grow up together is so fun!

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