month by month: 6 months



bashie boy is 6 months today! half a year this kid has been in my life – it’s gone fast. here are some of the awesomely awesome baby things he has been up to the past month:

– he is a roller and rolls everywhere. he is wiggling around to get to his toys.
– he is loving talking again and makes the cutest noises all the time
– he is still sleeping not so great…but i am hoping that is because of teething…
– he got his first tooth!!!! so sharp and so cute
– i am pretty sure those other teeth are close too. he has been acting like he is in pain and needs to be held or entertained at all times (thank you baby carriers)
– we have tried solid foods! this was something we were sooo excited for and then really sad when he initially didn’t like it. he has since decided he likes avocado mixed with a little breast milk but not keen on sweet potatoes yet.
– my sister gave him a lemon slice and he actually liked it. although he made a disgusted look, he kept going back for more. it was adorable. we are going to have 1 million “eating food” videos.
– he now likes to go for car rides. he falls asleep which is great because getting him to take a nap in his crib these days is like pulling teeth
– he is so much fun to play with. he makes me laugh and to hear him laugh and giggle is just the sweetest
– he managed to pull his diaper half way off the other night…i am hoping that was just a fluke and it will never happen again…ever
– he really loves the cats now – the cats not so much him
– he loves spending time with his grandmas. he’s one lucky guy!

bastian brings so much joy to our whole family’s life. i can’t wait for more to come, but i kind of want time to slow down.


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