make your own baby food


now that bastian is 6 months we have introduced solid foods. brian and i were both just counting down the days until we could let him try “real” food. my aunt gave us the most awesome baby food maker called the beaba. this gadget makes baby food making super easy and quick.

we decided to start with sweet potatoes because they are healthy, a vegetable, cheap and kind of sweet. i peeled one large sweet potato and then chopped it into about .5″-1″ cubes. the beaba steams the raw food which makes less mess in the kitchen. i poured water in the little steam hole, and then put the chopped sweet potato in the steam strainer. the beaba comes with a little book that tells you the proper amount of water and time you will need to cook different vegetables and meats. you just click the steam button and walk away!

once the sweet potatoes were cooked i poured the excess water into a little dish so that i could add as little or as much water to get the consistency i wanted. the cooked sweet potatoes get poured into the blender and just turn the dial to blend. once i had the consistency i wanted i poured the food into portioned containers made by beaba. they are 3 tablespoons portions that can be put in the freezer and easily popped out when you need them. you can use ice cube trays too. i made the food a little on the thick side so that once i thaw them out (i just use the microwave for 20 sec or so) i can add water, breast milk, or juice.


so far bastian has had: sweet potatoes, avocado, chick peas and butternut squash. my pediatrician wants us to try as many vegetables before we introduce fruits. she says that baby’s tend to love fruits because of the sweetness and then don’t want anything to do with the vegetables. she didn’t want us to give him rice cereal due to the fact that it’s just empty calories and contains no nutrients for baby, but i know people that do the cereal and like it. she gave us a list of foods that are great ‘baby’s firsts’ and then encouraged to feed him what she called “super foods”. this consisted of chick peas (garbanzo beans), pinto beans, kidney beans and lintels which all contain protien, zinc, iron and vitamin c. one thing that she told us that surprised me was it’s ok to use spices in your babies food. i would have thought the more bland the better, but she said don’t be afraid to try things like cinnamon, salt & pepper, even spicy spices. i think you don’t want to use too much, and it’s probably better to try out the food first to make sure they don’t have any allergic reaction to it. you are suppose to wait 3-5 days in between adding a new food to your baby’s diet to assure that they aren’t allergic to something.

we feed bastian twice a day, lunch time and dinner time. he is a really good eater and just loves to open his mouth big and hold his big boy spoon. side note: he didn’t initially just love solid food – we had to keep trying for a week or so before he finally took to sweet potatoes. the one thing that we didn’t anticipate with starting solid foods was…what goes in…must come out. i have heard their poo starts smelling worse and becomes more like ‘real poo’. but no one ever told bastian that and he was pretty mad about it. poor little guy was struggling to push his doodoo out and i know it was kind of painful for him. i asked my pediatrician and she said to give him 2 oz of water or diluted apple or prune juice every time he eats. some moms have told me adding pears or apples to their food can help with poopy problems too. well turns out he loves prune juice…i mean who wouldn’t 😉 well the poopy problems seem to have passed…pun intended. i think until your little one gets the hang of pooping solid foods, it’s best to keep your baby food pretty runny with water or breast milk. they say if your baby is having a hard time taking to solids, start by adding a little solid food to your breast milk and then slowly add less.

i know some people think making your own baby food would be too time intensive or too much work. i find it to be super easy, and it will ultimately save you money. we are excited to start making meals in the beaba, like turkey dinner, yum. here are some good baby food cookbooks that i have found:

there is still a lot i have to learn about baby food and making baby food, but so far i really like it, and so does baby bashie!



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