a baby shower for kate

kates_shower1 kates_shower2

this past weekend my girlfriends and i threw a baby shower for one of our best friends, kate. she is due with a little boy at the end of december and we couldn’t be more excited to meet him. it was a great little gathering of friends and family with lots of yummy food. she received some adorable gifts, i found myself asking “where did you get that?” because i want one for bastian…but that kid really doesn’t need anymore clothes that’s for sure. i designed the cute invites and was really pleased with the way they turned out. i wish i would have snapped more photos of the decorations because they were really cute, but when you are trying to host and take care of a wiggly 6 month old, there is no time for pictures. we had a onesie craft project that people weren’t totally thrilled about at first haha, but soon realized it was simple, easy and just about anyone who can hold a pair of scissors can do it.

we are all so happy and excited for her! can’t wait to meet that little guy and see what he looks like. i am ready to hold another newborn again 🙂


2 thoughts on “a baby shower for kate

  1. Taura Horn says:

    I want to hear about the onsie craft project!!

  2. kate hewitt says:

    how did I never comment on this post before? What an amazing day that was! I can’t believe that was almost 4 months ago now & before I know it Everett will be 3 months old, ahhhh! Slow down time! I have the greatest friends in the world!

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