over the moon for pillows

moon_pillow1 moon_pillow2


i really wanted to share this crescent moon pillow i made for my girlfriend kate’s baby boy. she found a similar pillow online and i fell in love with it. i figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to make myself, and thought it would be the perfect gift for her baby shower.

if you know how to sew, and i am talking sewing straight lines nothing complicated, then you could totally make this yourself too. i did some embroidery work for his eyes, mouth and on his nighty cap, again embroidery isn’t hard either and is something that if you have a little bit of patience you could do yourself. i have kind of become obsessed with embroidery every since i did these DIY leggings and my family and friends made me the most amazing quilt known to man. there are about 3 sewing/embroidery projects i have in my mind…now to just find the time. i thought it would be cute to add a little start dangling from his hat too. i just love this little moon man.

i think the color looks great in her nursery, especially with that awesome turquoise accent wall. her son’s nursery is going to be so adorable, i can’t wait to see the final product!


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