bashie goes to the zoo



my sister of taura horn photography took these amazing photos of bastian’s first trip to the zoo. she, my mom and bastian all decided to go to the zoo on raining day while i was at work. she captured his excitement so sweetly, i really love these photos. i can’t wait to take him myself! i think it goes to show, your children are never too young to be exposed to things like the zoo, reading, videos, dancing, etc. i have read how important it is to communicate with your baby. even when you don’t think they understand you, you are building the foundation for their verbal development. it’s easy to baby talk with your munchkin, but what i have read is to tell them everything you are doing. for instance, “mommy is going to change your diaper” “we are going to take a bath”. so bastian and i have many conversations, and someday he will be able to respond to me :).



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