gift guide: for baby



one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten.

it will be bastian’s first christmas this year (if you don’t count him being cozy in my belly last year) and i am so excited to have some gifts under our tree that aren’t for just brian and me. i pulled together a list of some cute gifts for baby. there are some vintage toys that i remember loving when i was a kid. i love the look of handmade, vintage toys because if they are going to be strewn throughout the house they might as well look good. i am sure bastian will get a lot of fun gifts from our family so i will have to hold myself back from going crazy this christmas. i suppose i could wrap up an empty plastic water bottle and he would be happy…that sure would save money! what were some of your best christmas presents you got as a kid? or your kids favorites gifts?


2 thoughts on “gift guide: for baby

  1. Karen Lewkowitz says:

    My kids always played with the boxes their toys came in, leaving the toys behind! I said to myself more than once, I should have just given them a cardboard box!

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