month by month: 8 months



this little boy is 8 months old today! on christmas eve! as i said yesterday in my post he is loads of fun these days. here are some of the ‘super-amazing-fantastic” things he is doing:

  • he started crawling last week! we actually got his first ‘crawls’ on video too! he is getting the hang of it fast, but can’t go very fast on the wood floors. it’s pretty cute because it’s like he is on ice haha.
  • he loves to eat. it’s probably his most favorite times of the day
  • he is sleeping much better these days — waking up once a night is ok by me…for a little while longer
  • he loves to talk and when he gets really excited — he bobs up and down, flails his arms and screams
  • he thinks he has total control over his body now (he doens’t) and insists on trying to stand up all the time
  • he loves to walk while i hold his hands
  • he is a really good little errand runner. he loves to sit in the shopping cart now
  • he would prefer to be naked all the time, but with the cold weather it makes it a little too chilly
  • he is slowly learning how to feed himself. it’s so cute to watch him pick up pieces of food and put them up to his mouth, sometimes he lets go and sometimes it just sticks to his hands haha.
  • he has the best hair ever. no matter how i comb it after his bath, it manages to fluff up into a faux-hawk
  • he is so serious when he is around a group of people. he is so observant and he studies everyone for a bit before he decides it’s ok to smile

bastian is a little character and we are so excited to celebrate his first christmas. even though he won’t get much of any of it, we will remember it 🙂


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