the big kids



i hope everyone’s christmas was fantastic (that is if you celebrate christmas). we had a great time. bastian was more interested in the wrapping paper and the cardboard boxes than anything, but he was so well behaved and fun. he got some great toys and gifts. bastian is the only baby on my side of the family, so you can imagine he gets loads of attention…which he likes of course. although i love this time of year, i am glad that it is coming to an end and we can go back to a normal schedule.

this past weekend the weather was totally out of the ordinary. we took advantage of the warm temps and went to the park by our house. i thought bastian would love the swing, which he did…but mainly because he got a great view of all the big kids playing. he couldn’t take his eyes off of them. of course he didn’t crack a smile either (my super-serious-contemplative baby) he just stared at the fun going on around him. it was as if he was longing to be a big kid and do big kid stuff. we played on some of the other playground equipment but he just wanted to sit on a bench and watch the other kids playing. there is no lack of awareness from this kid.


and like a big kid, bastian wants to walk so badly…he really thinks he can. i hold his hands and walk all over the house, it’s his favorite. lately i make him run holding my hands and it’s so cute. he laughs and thinks its so funny to go fast. i have a feeling that i will regret teaching him this haha…but when you want to be a big kid, you got to learn what big kids do.


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