houston we have a problem


someone has discovered that standing in your crib is the bee’s knees! and when you are so busy standing, you don’t really have time to actually nap in your crib. yup, we are at that stage right now. standing…on everything. although i think his determination is pretty cute, it has got us back on the sleep training train. my mom sent me this picture while she was watching him yesterday and the caption was “houston, we have a problem”. ha, i can’t help but smile and chuckle at this photo. we don’t let him win, ie pick him up, but we have been just going up every ten minutes to lay him back down and tell him to go to sleep. thankfully this only happens during the day and not at night. i feel like walking might be in our near future, but we are in no hurry 🙂


2 thoughts on “houston we have a problem

  1. Taura Horn says:

    That little stinker! Just imagine what he’s thinking – “This is really cool, I can do standing and have fun in my room by myself!” Want to kiss him so bad!!

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