month by month: 9 months


bastian is a ball of energy. he never stops moving while he’s awake. i can’t believe i have a 9 month old. i would still like to believe he was 6 months. all the things that come with this cute 9 month old though i will take! here are just some of the amazing things he has been doing the past month:

  • he is crawling and climbing all over the place. there is no space untouched.
  • he can climb the stairs…like all the way up the entire flight of wooden stairs. we are diligently working to teaching him to go DOWN the stairs properly.
  • although he is oh so serious when in public, he gets goofy at home. he loves to make weird bird squawky noises instead of normal baby babble…this one could take a while to talk haha.
  • he can clap his hands, yay bastian!
  • he pulls himself up on everything. he thinks he’s a big hot shot and does a one handed hold while waving his other hand in the air.
  • he is sleeping soo much better these days too. i nurse him once a night, and i am sure i could probably cut that out, but there is apart of me that doesn’t want to…why?
  • his favorite toys are things that aren’t toys at all. sharp, pokey, dangerous things are the best.
  • he shuffles side to side on the stairs and the coffee table and i have a feeling he wants to conquer walking soon.
  • we went swimming for the first time (besides a small dip in the pool last summer) and he loved it. he wasn’t smiling and laughing the whole time haha, but i knew he liked it.
  • he loves food. period. pretty much his favorite times of the day are when he’s eating. he’s finally starting to get some chub on him too.
  • we have graduated to the big bath tub. no more baby baths here! he loves his baths and thinks it’s real neat to be able to roam around in the tub.


bastian is just so much fun. he is so sweet and i feel so lucky to be his mom. everyday is something new and exciting. it’s so fun to imagine what he will be like toddler, but for now, i wish he would stay this way forever 🙂


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