DIY valentines day onesie



bastian had a little valentines day party at our baby and me class yesterday so i decided to make him this little onesie last minute. all you need is:

this literally took me 45 minutes to complete. i cut out the yellow body of the bee, then glued on the stripes and wings to the yellow body. i embroidered the eyes and mouth in black craft thread and then glued the whole thing to the onesie. i wasn’t very careful with the lettering…it’s kind of sloppy and i could have probably mapped it out with a pencil, but again i had limited time (during his nap). i stitched the word “mine” into the onesie and then connected it with the bee’s rear-end. i added a little heart on the back…well because i thought it was cute. i would be this little stud’s valentine any day. so if you don’t have a valentines day get up for your little one, get crafty and make them one! seriously, any fabric or paint (hey, even a sharpie) would work – and because those onesies are so cheap you won’t feel bad about using it for a one time wear. you can’t go wrong even with a simple big-old red heart.


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