month by month: 10 months


double digits…can you believe it? because i sure can’t! bastian has been a little ball of energy this past month. of course we couldn’t get him to smile for the camera today…but i swear he’s a ham. here are some of the things that make brian and me so proud:

  • he is not walking yet, although he side steps along the coffee table.
  • he has a walk behind toy that he is slowly getting the hang of.
  • he climbs the steps like a pro.
  • he is loving to feed himself. he loves turkey, chicken, strawberries, raspberries, cheerios, any vegetable and most of all hummus.
  • he loves to play chase. we crawl after him and he will crawl fast, then stop to make sure we are still following him and laughs and keeps crawling.
  • he likes to put things inside of things. empty jars, boxes, tupperware and containers are hours (ok minutes) of endless fun.
  • he is sleeping good. we have had many nights sleeping all the way through the night, but we still nurse once a night sometimes.
  • bastian loves to point with his little finger and grunt. he’s trying to tell us something but we aren’t sure what it is yet 🙂
  • he says ma-ma-ma-ma and da-da-da but i don’t think he has associated it with brian and me yet.
  • he likes to play and chat with himself in his crib. when he wakes up he likes to have his alone time, i think he feels pretty cool playing in there by himself.
  • he loves to watch other older kids. it doesn’t matter what they are doing, he just finds them so fascinating.
  • he has figured out that he can fit through the cat door in the baby gate. sorry cats, you will now have to jump over the gate to get to your food.

we are getting really anxious for the weather to be nicer so we can start spending more time outside. and when the weather is nicer it will be closer and closer to bastian’s first birthday! i am still trying to figure out what to do for his party. something small and simple…but then there was pinterest that might ruin me.


bastian is so much fun and makes us laugh daily (although the above photos show otherwise haha. he really didn’t want his photo to be taken). he has a sense of humor now and brian and i get get a kick out of him. we love that little guy so much it hurts.


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